Buy Champions Cup


Buy Champions Cup

Once you start buying a championship cup, it should be made of good quality. The cup should exude luxury and stand out like the champions. Order cups for various sports from Verkaik of Goes. From small to large sizes and from cups to medals; you can find it all with us.

Different sports you can buy a championship cup for

Almost all sports have one commonality; at the end of a game or season, the sport concludes with an awards ceremony. We understand that you want to present an original award for this. That is why you have a choice of trophies for numerous sports with us. Some examples of these sports are:

  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Snooker, pool and billiards
  • Motorsports
  • Boxing

Is the sport for which you want to buy a championship cup not listed here? Check out our online catalog. In this catalog you will find several other sports with matching trophies.

Choose a personal touch and have the trophy engraved

We understand that after buying the championship cup, you want to personalize it. Make your wishes known and we will provide your trophy with an engraved plaque. Provide details by phone at: 0118- 638 050 or fill out the online contact form. Will you soon be awarding a unique trophy provided by Verkaik?

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