Sports Awards

Verkaik always has the best sports awards

Besides the more standard sports awards, you can also choose to order special sports awards at Verkaik Promotional Gifts from Goes. Consider an award for weightlifting or clay pigeon shooting. After all, even in these sports it is great fun to go home with a cup if you win the game.

Order your sports awards for special sports

With us you have not only cups for sports such as soccer and golf, but also for boxing, fencing, korfball and the triathlon. When you host a contest, this allows you to also reward the winners of these sports reward the winners of these sports in a fun way. This rewards the hard work of the winners who worked so hard toward this. And what better way to reward someone with a nice prize from the sport that person practices? Whether it’s running or pigeon shooting, we have beautiful sports awards that you can easily order in our web shop.

Reward hard work and order a nice sports award

If you want to reward the hard work of your students, teammates or athletes, it is time to order beautiful sports awards in our webshop. The categories are clearly divided by sport. This way you will quickly find an appropriate price. Are you still not getting around to it? Or would you like to speak with one of our staff members? Of course you can! Simply call or email and we’ll work it out together!